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The Wrap-up Meeting as A Part of SAS-PSA Project in Lao PDR

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On 21 December 2021, AFSIS Secretariat, together with the Center for Agricultural Statistic (CAS), Department of Planning and Finance (DOPF), Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) of Lao PDR had jointly conducted the Wrap-up meeting as a part of Project for Supporting Agricultural Survey on Promoting Sustainable Agriculture or the SAS-PSA project in Lao PDR. The meeting was held via an online platform due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

During this meeting, Ms. Vivanh Souvannamethy, the Director of CAS had delivered the open remarks, followed by the notable remarks by Mr. NIIMI Tomohiro, Japanese Expert, and the distinguished remarks by Dr. Waraporn Saelee, AFSIS Manager.

The main purpose of the meeting is for the CAS to present to the Meeting the details and summary of the SAS-PSA project that had been conducted in Lao PDR. The details of the presentation included the action plan, the sampling design, the result from the pilot survey and the analysis outcomes of SDG indicator 2.4.1 in Khammouane province.

At the end of the meeting, there was a discussion regarding the challenges, suggestions, and comments for the implementation of the SAS-PSA project in Lao PDR. The Meeting acknowledged the importance and benefits of the project as it plays the crucial parts to implement the national survey of SDG indicator 2.4.1 in Lao PDR in the future.


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