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Asia and the Pacific Food Security Forum 2024

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On 9-12 April 2024, The Asia and the Pacific Food Security Forum 2024 will be held in Manila, Philippines hosted by The Asian Development Bank (ADB), to discuss actions to ease a worsening food crisis in the region, and to improve long-term food security by strengthening food systems against the impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss among stakeholders in Asia and the Pacific.

The Objectives of this forum are to seek achieve Food security policy perspectives and food systems priorities, ADB’s food security operational performance, Forward support programs confirmed with policymakers and Partnerships, and knowledge sharing with development partners.

On this occasion, Dr. Sumanya Ngandee, AFSIS Manager, was honored to present the AFSIS project and participate in a discussion and exchange of experiences in the Deep Dive Session 5.2: Asia’s Rice Market, Food Security Challenges and Policy Responses The session was shared the evolution of rice market in ASEAN and food security policy and discuss the lessons learned from the architecture of ASEAN Integrated Food Security Framework and the implementation of APTERR program based on the outcome of the systematic review of APTERR. Follow-up actions to strengthen APTERR and other regional cooperation initiatives and was invited to participate in 5.4: Tools for Food Security Monitoring and Analysis in Asia and the Pacific This session will present several analytical tools ( that can be used for monitoring the determinants of food security in Asia and the Pacific such as a Food Security and Nutrition Indicators Dashboard, Food Price Monitor, Food and Fertilizer Trade Restrictions Tracker, Food Price Shocks Tool, and Vulnerability to Global Price Shocks Dashboard.

Therefore, this event went well and received the attention of the participants. This is in line with how AFSIS Secretariat will apply the knowledge and experience gained from the meeting and applied to work to be accurate and up-to-date. Including creating cooperation with various agencies to strengthen the preparation and dissemination of food security information systems in the ASEAN region and continue human development for ASEAN member countries.


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