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AFSIS Secretariat and Stantec Meeting under the “Technical Assistance to the EU-ASEAN Green Initiative”

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On 1 June 2022, AFSIS Secretariat held the meeting with Stantec under the“Technical Assistance to the EU-ASEAN Green Initiative” at meeting room 1, Innovation building, Office of Agricultural Economics, Bangkok.


The meeting was honored by Mr. Vinit Atisook, Deputy Secretary General, Office of Agricultural Economics (OAE) to be the chairman of the Meeting. Also, the representative of Stantec, Ms. Laura Salemi, Business Development Leader, and AFSIS Secretariat attended the meeting.


The purpose of the meeting was to exchange the information of the organizations and missions for better understanding in both sides to discuss about the collaboration in this project.


Dr. Waraporn Saelee, AFSIS Manager, had presented the AFSIS information which were the Historical Timeline, AFSIS Key Activities, the Implementations of the Collaboration Projects with Plus Three Countries, and AFSIS Challenges.


The meeting had ended with a mutual agreement to require more project details to consider for potential collaboration in the future.



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